I want to get a loan or sell an item. How can I be best prepared?
We have a few items that are fairly popular to pawn or sell. You can make the loan or sale process easier and faster with the following items...

Cell Phones and Electronics Gadgets: Bring your charger and all related items. Take passwords off anything with a password. Having a fully charged battery is also appreciated. 

More importantly for cell phones, deactivate your phone from your account when pawning or selling it for a couple of reasons. First, on CDMA based networks like Sprint and Verizon, an active phone cannot be used on the same network. At the moment, these phones cannot be transferred between carriers without permission. If you didn't understand any of that technical information, the "why" doesn't really matter, just deactivate your phone with the carrier and we might be able to give you more. "Might" is because I can't guarantee the phone will still work on your network.
Gasoline powered items like chainsaws, generators, lawn mowers, etc. These are traditionally not easy to load into your car and lawn mowers, etc, These are traditionally not easy to load into your car and . These are traditionally not easy to load into your car and walk in with, so make sure everything works before you arrive. Put gasoline (or a gas oil mix, depending on what it needs) and ensure that it starts and runs. Obviously if it won't start we can't help you. We will test items as thoroughly as we can. Checking them yourself can save you time. 
​Firearms (Shotguns and Rifles): Do NOT bring in a firearm of any kind without a case or loaded with ammunition. Why? It is illegal to transport a firearm without a case (of some sort) or with ammunition in the firearm. If you get pulled over, you have a major problem.