We carry a huge variety of items. Telling you what we are just about guaranteed not to
have in stock might be easier: Car Stereo Systems, Bicycles, CRT tube monitors, and CRT TV's.
We have much of our inventory minus firearms and jewelry posted on Craigslist
You can click here to view, click on the type of item on Craigslist to narrow down the type of item you are looking for:

We sell some items on eBay as well. If you are interested in purchasing an eBay item locally, do so ASAP - they go quick! Click on the logo for the inventory!
We like to buy American made hand and power tools, electronics like MP3 players, video game systems, cell phones TV's, Blu-Ray players, some household items, jewelry, hunting/fishing equipment, high end knives, firearms and other things. If you want to know if we will buy or sell something not on the above list, call 651-490-5183 or email us